Worship: Sundays 9:00AM (Drive-in & Facebook Live)

The ministry of Grace Lutheran Church

"The ministry of Grace wishes to make it perfectly clear that while we are providing opportunity to gather in community and offer personally contained sacraments, when deemed appropriate, we who administer know we are doing so at our own risk for the sake of the Word and to the glory of God. Every precaution is made to follow safe measures in providing these ministry opportunities. In faith, everything we do is a prayerful response to what we believe God has called us to do. It is important that both those who assist and those who participate take responsibility for one's personal choice and decision. That means no one is judged by the choices they make whether to participate or not. Whether or not to participate in person, at any event, is an opportunity each person must elect to choose for his/her/them-self.
Grace does, in turn, ask those who choose to participate, in person, to take all precautions of social distancing, sanitizing and properly covering all coughs and sneezes with a tissue so as not to risk contaminating others - whether or not you may think you Only have a cold or allergies. If you have an elevated temperature, please do not attend.
Should you think you may be contagious of passing anything along to others, please stay home, call the Church and the pastor will discuss arrangements to meet your needs on a one to one basis, as it is safely possible.
We are attempting to share our activities live on Facebook. If for any reason you choose not to be present, we hope you'll consider it as an alternative.
May God protect, bless and keep you and your loved ones. "


Link to calendar

  • Wed, Apr 21, 8:00 am: Grace’s Table Setup
  • Wed, Apr 21, 12:00 pm: Grace’s Table
  • Sun, Apr 25, 9:00 am: Drive-in Worship w/Communion & Facebook Live
  • Sun, Apr 25, 11:00 am: Council Mtg
  • Wed, Apr 28, 8:00 am: Grace’s Table Setup
  • Wed, Apr 28, 12:00 pm: Grace’s Table
  • Sun, May 02, .: Noisy Offering
  • Sun, May 02, 9:00 am: Drive-in Worship w/Communion & Facebook Live
  • Wed, May 05, 8:00 am: Grace’s Table Setup
  • Wed, May 05, 12:00 pm: Grace’s Table